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The "Eimai akoma paidi" is a volunteer group aiming for the socialization and outgoingness of children in orphanages and social institutions. Our actions are already carried out in the "Center of Child Protection" in Poros, in the "Orphanage of the Kalyviani Monastery", in the "Young Men’s Residence" in Mastabas and in "Center of Children Care for boys in Chania".

Our goalis to expand our activities to all orphanages and institutions with children who for various reasons are unable to live under one roof with their family. We primarily operate in the Prefecture of Heraklion and we would like to extend our points of action to the rest region of Crete, as well as to the whole Greece and abroad.

Children in the institutions mostly experience a lack of companionship, motivation, outgoingness and trust.

We treat them in the same manner as all the other kids. Our goals are achieved through various actions either within or outside of the institutional space, which develop their creativity and self-confidence.

The most important thing that we share with children is the feeling of being content with oneself. In this group we commit ourselves in something what inspires us and gives us amazing feeling. Namely, for us it is the smile of a child ...