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Children in the institutions mostly experience a lack of companionship, motivation, outgoingness and trust.

We treat them in the same manner as all the other kids!
Our actions are already present in the "Social Welfare Center for Child Protection" in Poros, the "Roof male minors Mastaba" in the Heraklion area. In "Orphanage of the Monastery Kalyviani" Mires, the "Child Care Center for Boys Chania" and "Ecclesiastical Orphanage Vouliagmeni".
Our goal
Our goal is to expand our activities to all orphanages and institutions with children who for various reasons are unable to live under one roof with their family. We primarily operate in the Prefecture of Heraklion and we would like to extend our points of action to the rest region of Crete, as well as to the whole Greece and abroad.
Our actions
Thursday, 13 February 2016 - Informative Seminar on PSN

One more seminar of the voluntary group "Eimai akoma paidi" on "Adopting Sensitivity towards People with Special Needs (PSN)" was held with great success in the "Young Men's Residence".

Inspiration and motivation for the seminar came from one of our team members Emmanouela Moisaki, who has a form of disability and yet is a cycling athlete. The seminar was presented by the coach of the Association of People with Disabilities "Talos", Mr. George Varverakis, who explained to the children through video and experiential games what it feels like to be blind or have mobility difficulties.

The children gained new knowledge, had fun and met volunteers and Emmanouela.

We congratulate both the athletes and the coaches on their work and especially to Mr.Varverakis, who is willing to help our team inform the children. The same seminar will also take place in the "Center of Child Protection" in Poros, Heraklion.

The seminar was implemented under the third pillar "Outgoingness and Socialization of the Children", as well as with the the aim to inspire them with new examples to follow.

More information about the Talos para-cycling team can be found at the following link:

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See press release from the event: Kriti24.g

Saturday, 17 Saturday 2016 at 17:00 - The sweetest Christmas No2

The sweetest Christmas No2
At the "Utopia" cafe, Chandakos pedestrian street

The voluntary group "Eimai akoma paidi" offers activities to socialize and to entertain for children that live in social welfare centers and orphanages.

For the second year the Christmas Feast is organized for 42 children of "Young Men's Residence" in Mastabas and "Center of Child Protection" in Poros in Heraklion.

The event "The sweetest Christmas No2" will take place on Saturday, December 17, from 17:00 to 21:00, at the "Utopia" cafe, Chandakos pedestrian street..

It is a special celebration to promote the Christmas spirit, good mood and turn our city into a big hug for the children.

Many surprises await everyone as chocolate fountains and the Christmas Wish Tree, which will be decorated between 17:00-19:00 with messages of love, wishes, paintings and letters from the children. In honor of the children, this Christmas Tree will stay decorated in Chandakos pedestrian street to spread the positive energy of this evening in our city for the rest of the holidays..

There are many people who, with their individual talents, will volunteer to make this celebration unforgettable.

The event will start with the decoration of the Christmas Tree at 17:00 with the accompaniment and the melodies of the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Heraklion, in collaboration with the Pan-Hellenic Education Council at 17.30.0. 

Markos Karamitros from Circus Camino will follow as man-on-stilts providing a unique show using fire,

The siblings Marigianna and Manos Christofakakis will combine their experiences in the artistic and classical songs and will offer us a beautiful musical journey with the accompaniment of Orestis Kousathanas on the piano and Giorgos Kiayiadakis on the violin. Also, with superb tunes, Antonis Irida Due will contribute with latin-swing & jazz sounds.

In the continuation, the successful dance school "Nous kai Soma" will introduce us to Zumba and Latin dance. We will have the chance to see the dynamic and passionate argentinian tango of Manos Christofakakis and Marianna Roussou who will perform live the 'Libertango' of Astor Piazzolla. There will be another tango dance by Michalis Pavlakis and S.Kokolaki, showing us the love and stability in art.

Ioanna Maleskou will be presenting the event and during the whole evening we will be accompanied by music provided by a DJ from 'Radio Family'. The event will end with songs played by the music school 'LAB Music Education'.

A great thank to all the volunteers and supporters that were willing to help in order to make this big celebration of love happen. Thanks to George Giakatos from 'Super Sounding' - musical instruments and to 'Utopia' cafe with Dimitris Tzanakis that will host the event offering free drinks for 42 children.


*Charging only for the drink consumption*

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Thursday, 30 June 2016 at 09:00 - Award for the "Eimai akoma paidi" volunteer team

The Center for Social Welfare of Crete awarded the "Eimai akoma paidi" voluntary group for their selfless service and actions during 2015-2016 for 28 children of the "Center of Child Protection" in Poros, Heraklion.

The work of the team focuses entirely on the children, since, on the basis of the monthly schedule, the volunteers visit the children and keep them company.

Also many activities outside of the children welfare center are carried out, with the aim of experiential learning, like the hiking event "Escape to Nature" on 14th of May and the participation of volunteers and children in the running event "Love Run" on 14th of February.

The team received the award during the 6th Panhellenic Conference Of Social Welfare Units which took place in the Miramare hotel in S.Nikolaos on 30th of June 2016..

As the team volunteers have said, the reward for their contribution is the smiles of the children they receive and the support of people, which give them strength to keep going.

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See press release from the event: IRAKLIOblog.g

Saturday, 14 of May 2016 at 09:00 - Escape to Nature

Excursion with title ‘Escape to Nature’ was organized on Saturday, 14th of MAY 2016, by the voluntary group "Eimai akoma paidi" for 28 KIDS of Center of Child Protection in Poros and for 14 kids of Young Men's Residence in Mastabas.

The excursion, which was organized in collaboration with the Heraklion Nature Club, included trekking in a gorge.

The aim was to bring children closer to the natural wealth of our country and thus to develop their ecological awareness and their interest in environmental protection as well as in sports activities in nature. The volunteers picked up the children at 9 o’clock in the morning from the institutions.

The crossing of the gorge lasted for an hour and a half and included a picnic. The sandwiches, juices and water for all children were courtesy of the "Eimai akoma paidi" team.

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See press release from the event:

Sunday, 6th of March 2016 at 17:00 - Halloween Escape vol.1

The "Eimai akoma paidi" group is a network of volunteers aiming for the socialization and outgoingness of children in orphanages and social Institutions. Our activities are already carried out in the Center of Child Protection in Poros, in the Orphanage of the Kalyviani Monastery, in the Young Men's Residence in Mastabas, furthermore they are planned to be expanded throughout Crete.

Our fourth action called “Halloween Escape” belongs to one of our initiatives outside of the institutional area.

It is a carnival celebration on Sunday, 6th of March 2016, at 17:00 at SALLON in Amoudara, Heraklion, for 28 children of the Center of Child Protection in Poros and 12 children of the Young Men's Residence in Mastabas..

People of all ages are welcome, so that children may experience the joy of interacting with more people. Entrance is free for everyone !!!

The party includes soft drinks and delicacies for up to 150 people (such as souvlaki, pizzas, cheese pies etc).

ΌAll food and beverages are offered to children and guests free of charge, with the support of our donors, contributing to our work: STAMATAKIS OVENS, ADERFIA AND MAYEVMATA, SUPERMARKET HALKIADAKIS.

We thank "SALOON" for its hospitality and support of this festival for children. It is an event promoting the socialization of children through a party with friends, music, entertainment, dancing and play. There will be music provided by Dj, balloons, painting on the faces of children, pinnies and other surprises...!

Come to have fun and join the children! We share joy with children and they reward us with love!

Let’s play together !!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2016 at - Love Run 2016

Volunteer group “Eimai akoma paidi" participates in the "Love run" event on Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 09.00. Each of our volunteers runs or walks with a child from the two Institutions located in the prefecture of Heraklion: the Center of Child Protection in Poros and Young Men's Residence in Mastabas.

Each volunteer pays an individual fee to participate in our group so that we can all register as "Eimai akoma paidi". Entries can be confirmed either by mail or inbox in the group until January 30th. The participation of the children is a courtesy of the GREEK HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATION (Heraklion Health Association), which organizes the event and donates the profit from the entries to the 7 institutions of the Center for Social Welfare of the Region of Crete. Our partner institution, the Center of Child Protection in Poros, is among these 7 institutions.

Children in institutions have no stimuli in life, no positive models due to the lack of parents and are cut off from the concept and benefits of sport.

Children's participation in such an event can contribute to their inclusion in sport. It also makes them active members of our society and helps them integrate into it. After all, on February 14th, the life of 40 children will be filled with smiles and joy as they participate in a love-sport event that involves raising money for their own benefit. The children are taught in this way the meaning of the contribution..

We want to take part in the event because a creation of new positive models, deinstitutionalization of children as well as their outgoingness and socialization are among our main goals. Children's participation in LOVE RUN combines all the above-mentioned actions.

Join, inspire a child ... and get inspired ...! Share joy with a child and you will be rewarded by more joy…!

* See detailed information on the GDS website
(Heraklion Health Runners Association) for LOVE RUN,,


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Informations about Love Run 2016

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Special thanks for the event: Εφημερίδα ΠΑΤΡΙΣ

Interview for the event: TV Creta

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Today Heraklion filled Love!: Press Release - 2nd place in group records "I'm Still a Child" (2nd page)

Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 12:00 - Outing

The "Outing" is a feast on 10th of January 2016 at the " Αρρενων και Θηλεων " restaurant in Heraklion at 12:00 p.m. together with 28 children of the Center for Child Protection in Poros and 45 volunteers of the "Eimai akoma paidi" and the friends of our volunteer group, outside of the institutional space.

The main motivation is to interact with children and to develop their socialization through a rich meal with friends, music, entertainment and dancing.

A group of musicians and singers consisting of our volunteers accompanies us with live music.

The food and drinks for the children is a generous sponsorship of the "Arrenon kai Thileon" restaurant.

For volunteers and friends of our volunteer group, the menu per person is 12€.

The price includes the drinks and food and paid to the owners of the restaurant. 

So welcome and well done!

Each of us shares whatever she/he wants, something what inspires her/him and make her/him happy and complete! Which means everyone contributes in her/his own, unique way !!!

Our goal is to be a group of volunteers, which creates activities for outgoingness and socialization of children an well as brings an inspiration for new positive models in their lives through a mutual co-operation!!!

In other words, what children are mostly missing is a company and contact with the outside world!!!

We share joy with children and they reward us with love!

Let’s play together!!!!

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See τηλεοπτικές καλύψεις για την εκδήλωση: KritiTv (1:24:00) - TV Creta

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Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 11:00 - The sweetest Christmas
On December 13, 2015 we organize a Christmas celebration for 30 children of the Center for Child Protection in Poros, which includes a delightful process of making sweets with children and also a tree decoration. Come to play with the kids and make "The Sweetest Christmas"!

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See the invitation video for the event: ΚritiTV (34:15 - 40:29) - TV Creta

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