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Few words
Children in the institutions mostly experience a lack of companionship, motivation, outgoingness and trust.

We treat them in the same manner as all the other kids!
Our actions are already present in the "Social Welfare Center for Child Protection" in Poros, the "Roof male minors Mastaba" in the Heraklion area. In "Orphanage of the Monastery Kalyviani" Mires, the "Child Care Center for Boys Chania" and "Ecclesiastical Orphanage Vouliagmeni".
Our goal
Our goal is to expand our activities to all orphanages and institutions with children who for various reasons are unable to live under one roof with their family. We primarily operate in the Prefecture of Heraklion and we would like to extend our points of action to the rest region of Crete, as well as to the whole Greece and abroad.
Our goals
  • Creating new positive models for children

  • Motivation for action in their lives

  • Inspiration for their future

  • Disillusionment andι

  • Deinstitutionalization

  • Outgoingness and socialization

  • Developing creativity through games
Our Actions

The actions of our Voluntary Group “Eimai akoma paidi“ are based on 3 pillars.

  1. The Children’s team approach. This pillar includes visits to the institutions, games, discussions and social intercourse with children as well as a periodic training to solve queries. *Our underage volunteers are always accompanied by an adult..

  2. Actions outside of the institutional space. This pillar involves organizing events or participating in others based on ideas of our volunteers. With love and passion, we organize a Christmas celebration, a carnival party, a participation in the Love Run event and excursions to nature. Each year we shape our actions according to the children's demands, the potential of our volunteers and our passion..

  3. Training – Seminars. We have included in our actions training sessions for our little friends in their “home” such as First Aid Seminar, along with the sex education, emergency exercises and Internet hazards..

Other activities: Yoga lessons for children are already taking place in their ‘home’ and Zouba lessons at a dance school. Furthermore, Capoeira lessons are provided and in the past there were also gymnastic lessons going on. More activities are going to be created in the future.

Methods of achieving our goals
  • All the above-mentioned activities are carried out with an indirect motivational way that inspires children, through the sharing of our own experiences. At the same time, we prefer to avoid critical or indicative behaviours..

  • Regular visits of the “Children’s team” to partner institutions on the basis of a monthly schedule with the purpose of getting acquainted with, discussing, engaging and playing with children..

  • We are dealing with the children in the institutions bearing in mind that they are just kids! Like all the other kids !!!

  • Various actions for outgoingness and socialization of children (such as a festive table, a celebration within the institution, sports activities, excursions to the countryside). We are open to new ideas, after having a discussion with our group. All these actions on behalf of our team "Eimai akoma paidi” are carried out after a careful organization and planning in order to achieve the best result for the children. Children have a tendency “to clutch at a straw”, so we are careful and circumspect in terms of our commitments to children as well as to the leaders of each institution. Otherwise, children may feel rejected or frustrated..

  • Any of our volunteers can make an individual commitment if so desire (eg donation, food, celebration, contribution to service eg lessons, etc.). However, we would like to clarify that any commitment made without prior consultation with the group is considered as individual and concerns only the involved person..

  • All our volunteers are engaged in activities, which inspire them and make them happy and satisfied. Being able to spread the joy begins with feeling happy with what we do. Then everyone contributes in his/her particular way..

  • Our volunteers, once inspired, are able to surpass themselves!! In particular, members of our team say they have outperformed through our action. Either by speaking for example in television, by finding sponsors or simply by sharing a hug with a child. There are no limits to what you can accomplish.
Manager departments
  • Evi Leontaraki: +30 6974645331 (Informations)

  • Aggeliki Zervou: +30 6982775591 (Informations)

  • Marianna Hatziantoniou: +30 6973415491 (Informations)

  • Katerina Spyridaki: +30 6983100794 (Representative of Young Men's Residence in Mastabs )

  • Eri Pavlaki: +30 6947804864 (Representative of press and Social relationships)

  • Evita Perraki: +30 6988348313
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